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Kaohsiung is Taiwan's largest port and second largest city. Recently, Kaohsiung has undergone massive development, catching up and presenting itself as a city to be watched. A lot of this is due to former Mayor Frank Hsieh who had the vision to transform the city. The Love River, which flows through town into the harbor, was cleaned up and beautiful promenades were built along its banks. A substantial MRT (metro) system was started and Kaohsiung Harbour was opened to tourism. The 2009 World Games were hosted by the city, the second largest sporting event after the Olympics. A short ferry ride away are the islands of Penghu, or Isles of the Fishermen. Every army that has attached Taiwan has used the 64-island archipelago as a starting point, including Chinese pirates, the Portuguese, Dutch, Koxinga, Manchu Qing, and Japanese. The island's main commerce is fishing and is a great spot to grab a picturesque seafood lunch.

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