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Taipei is famous for its night markets, which provide a fun excuse to explore their interesting neighborhoods. The Shilin Night Market is at the top of Taipei's night market list. Every night is a crazy mix of edible delights, the latest trends in clothing, shoes and everything else, and games of every variety. You will find anything you need and everything you don't need at the Shilin Night Market. The Dihua Market is a great place to find traditional Chinese herbs and sundries. The well-preserved historic architecture makes it a fun walk through time as you stroll down old 'Grocery Street'. For another glimpse into Taipei's not-so-bright past, take a walk through Snake Alley. This was the place locals would bring their foreign friends to see them squirm at live snakes being baited and killed on the spot, and then being offered a shot of snake bile and liquor. While those practices are frowned upon now, the area still has a lot of history and was once a legal brothel district. Jump forward to the modern Ximending area. Like Tokyo's Ginza district, Ximending is an intersection of eight roads and the intersection of Taipei's mainstream youth culture. The area is full of restaurants and the hippest shops selling clothes, electronics, shoes, and attitude.

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